Ah, the love/hate relationship between bass anglers and their beloved — and sometimes despised — grass. It is not unusual for an experienced bass fisherman to scope out lakes with abundant grass, only to spend the day on that lake cursing its very existence.

Why? Well, plainly put: Lake vegetation is a necessary evil.

Bass crave cover – for spawning in spring, and for stalking, chasing and hemming up bait fish. A waterworld without grass is a waterworld without bass.

But how does one get in and out of that tangled mess without sacrificing a favorite bait, and possibly one’s sanity?

For starters, keep a tackle box stocked with baits specifically designed to glide through grass. The Warrior Baits Buzz Frawg, for instance, does just that. And, our WarPath Buzzbait is virtually weed-free.

A tube or worm on a semi-heavy Texas rig will work nicely as well, but when you really need to punch through that tantalizing tangle, it’s time to turn to vertical jigging.

Warrior Baits offers three styles of jigs specially-suited for fishing cover – all with premium weed guards and a trailer lockdown feature to keep your trailer intact even coming out of the thickest cover.

So whenever you hit the lake? Head for the grass.