• $15.99

    Umbrella Rig


    Warrior Bait’s Umbrella Rig is designed to give you an edge over competing products which only offer 4 arms or less. Ours gives the angler 5 arms for applying favorite soft-plastic baitfish lures. One arm protrudes straight out the back of this large presentation to act as a trailer. Four willow-leaf blades in the middle body of the rig add extra flash, noise and water vibration – this is a feature not found in other Umbrellas.

  • $4.69

    Football Jig


    Available in 8 colors and in 3 sizes, fit this with one of our EZ-Change Skirts to probe open waters with rocky bottoms, or to fish steep structure. Plus, our integrated trailer keeper makes this a must-add for your jig arsenal. Try a Warrior Baits Football Jig once, and you will be a fan forever.

  • $4.69

    Swimming Jig


    Our Swimming Jigs utilize another unique design proven to catch fish. With an eyehole on the nose of the bait and a weed guard, it possesses an unrivaled ability to avoid getting hung up. The flat belly ensures that it remains at the right depth and the built in trailer keeper allows the angler to choose from endless trailer options. The natural look and unique design element make this particular bait very popular among many satisfied customers. Available in 3 sizes and 6 natural-looking colors designed to mimic a wide variety of baitfish.

  • $4.69

    Flipping Jig


    A sleek body and a premium weed guard make these Warrior Baits Flipping Jigs a formidable force in the fishing arena. Snag some Warrior Baits Trailers to take advantage of the trailer keeper – a lockdown feature that protects your trailer as you pull a giant out of thick cover. Available in 3 sizes and 8 eye-catching color combinations.

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  • $7.99

    Warpath Buzzbait


    This is the perfect buzzbait and the last one you’ll ever need or want. Our Warpath Buzzbait features a one-of-a-kind hydroplaning blade that allows for faster surfacing and slower retrieval capabilities, ranking this buzzbait as one of the most weedless option anywhere. And, our clacker creates commotion that’ll grab any fish’s attention, while our perforated buzz-blades generate a trail of bubbles. Hands down, the best buzzbait on the market!