• $2.00$5.09

    Buzz Frawg


    If you enjoy frog fishing (and don’t all anglers?) you MUST try Warrior Baits’ Buzz Frawgs. A unique design that serves double-duty as a topwater lure and underwater swimmer, the Buzz Frawg will be the only frog you allow in your tackle box.


    SPECIAL: Choose 5″ Bullfrog for only $2.00/5-pack! While supplies last.

  • $10.18

    Bag o’ Baits


    Can’t decide which bait to get? Try more than one with our Bag o’ Baits! (Click “Offers” on our Facebook page for a coupon to make this item FREE! Just pay shipping and handling.) This bag includes a 10-pack of our 3″ Warrior Craw (Watermelon Red) and a 5-pack of our 5″ Warrior Buzz Frawg (Bullfrog).


    Order quickly! While supplies last. One per customer.