• $10.18

    Bag o’ Baits


    Can’t decide which bait to get? Try more than one with our Bag o’ Baits! (Click “Offers” on our Facebook page for a coupon to make this item FREE! Just pay shipping and handling.) This bag includes a 10-pack of our 3″ Warrior Craw (Watermelon Red) and a 5-pack of our 5″ Warrior Buzz Frawg (Bullfrog).


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  • $4.19

    Caiden Craw


    Available in six different colors, this is the most lifelike bait in our lineup. We all know how much Bass love crawfish, and Caiden Craws certainly fit the bill. Like its big brother the Warrior Craw, the Caiden Craw mimics crawfish movement and vibration and delivers a quality reproduction of the “real thing” for those anglers who insist on lifelike prey presentations.

  • $5.09

    Warrior Craw


    The original Warrior Craw design, a best-seller and Pro Staff favorite! Warrior Craw is highly-effective rigged alone or as a trailer. Great for heavy cover. Accurately mimics craw movement and vibration, as well as presenting itself as a lifelike silhouette. This will become your Go-To bait during those times when the fishing’s tough and success is on the line. A dozen colors in two sizes, 3” and 4”.

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