• $4.19

    Ring Worms


    Warrior Baits Ring Worms are available in 7 proven colors and come in packs of 12. A go-to bait for many of the great anglers when there’s a lot of pressure on the fish. This bait is a must-have for turning an empty livewell into a teaming livewell. Ribbed, covered in Swamp Juice, and available in numerous vibrant color combinations, Warrior Baits Ring Worms can be the game-winner after a long day on the lake.

  • $4.82

    Moccasin Worm


    Available is two versatile sizes and 8 vibrant colors, there is almost no limit to the applications that this bait can utilize to fill your livewell. This style of worm is a must for any tackle box, and Warrior Bait’s color selection is unrivaled. Results don’t lie, so tie on one of our Sprayed Grass Moccasin Worms next time you fish vegetation and see for yourself how deadly these baits are.

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  • $4.82

    Half Pipe


    Warrior Baits Half Pipes come in 8 fish-catching colors, and like all Warrior Baits soft plastics, they’re dripping with Swamp Juice. One of the most versatile finesse bait money can buy, these 4” worms can and will get the job done. Be sure to stock up on some Warrior Baits Shaky Heads — combining these two products can fill your livewell when nothing else seems to be working.

  • $4.69

    Finesse Worm


    When the bite slows down and you need to change up your approach, Warrior Baits has you covered with our wide selection of Finesse Worms. Available in 14 detailed color options and covered in Swamp Juice, these baits are a go-to option for many experienced anglers. Incredibly effective when paired up with a Warrior Baits Shaky Head, these baits should always be within reach when fish just aren’t reacting to alot of action.