Finesse Tube


At 3-1/2″, the Warrior Baits Finesse Tube offers a down-sized version of our ever-popular 4″ Teaser Tube. Hollowed out, salted up, and covered in Swamp Juice, these bait are both versatile and effective. Pair either with a Tomahawk Tube Jighead and brace yourself for mega-action. ELEVEN COLORS for your choosing.

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Sometimes the fishing gets tough. When that happens, the tough get going with a Warrior Baits Finesse Tube. With the outstanding success of our 4″ Teaser Tube, we introduced this down-sized, 3.5″ option while preserving all the fish-catching qualities. Our 3-1/2″ Finesse tube is a single, hand-dipped tube with a smaller body and more slender profile than most. Made from the same super-soft yet impeccably-durable plastic as the original, they are loaded with salt and swamp juice. And, they feature the same hand-cut tails to ensure the very best action. When the conditions get tough, reach for a Warrior Finesse tube. Texas rig it, drop-shot it, Carolina rig it, or slide it on a Warrior Tube Jighead. Either way this tube will force those finicky fish to give a second look and help you catch more fish in highly-pressured waters. Available in 11 fabulous fish-foolin’ color choices.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 0.5 in