Finesse Worm

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When the bite slows down and you need to change up your approach, Warrior Baits has you covered with our wide selection of Finesse Worms. Available in 14 detailed color options and covered in Swamp Juice, these baits are a go-to option for many experienced anglers. Incredibly effective when paired up with a Warrior Baits Shaky Head, these baits should always be within reach when fish just aren’t reacting to alot of action.

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When things are tough and the bite is slow, experienced anglers rely on finesse. This approach adapts to the fish’s behavior by choosing a subtle bait that demands a slower pace and produce a delicate action to gently tease a fish rather than excite it. Warrior Bait’s Finesse Worm is the perfect bait for finessing. At 6” it is long enough to be noticed, but not too big and thick to scare off a finicky bass. The tail is thin enough to produce a very subtle yet natural action while not appearing too aggressive. Ribbing towards the head adds texture and creates slight vibrations in the water. Use on a Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Wacky Rig, or pinch it off and use on a Drop-Shot rig. Another particularly-effective techique: Twist a Finesse Worm onto our Shaky Head and let it sink to the bottom. The position of the worm allows the angler to shake the rod tip and twitch the tail just enough to intrigue the nearest bass to get a closer look. Before you know it you will have a fish on the end of your line. These come in packs of 15 and are available in 14 proven colors, covered in our Swamp Juice.

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