Flipping Jig


A sleek body and a premium weed guard make these Warrior Baits Flipping Jigs a formidable force in the fishing arena. Snag some Warrior Baits Trailers to take advantage of the trailer keeper – a lockdown feature that protects your trailer as you pull a giant out of thick cover. Available in 3 sizes and 8 eye-catching color combinations.

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While Warrior Baits Football Jigs excel in open water and deep structure, our FLIPPING Jigs are the perfect bait for flipping into small windows (when a sleek jig and precision becomes crucial). Our Flipping Jigs are virtually weedless even when thrown in the heaviest of cover. Our trailer keeper allows you to mix and match a variety of effective trailers to come up with your own deadly combination. Add to that the bulletproof paint, 50 strand high quality silicone skirt, and a Mustad ultra sharp hook and you may have the perfect flipper. Pair these with a Warrior Craw or a Quiver bug and watch the fish inhale your bait before it hits bottom. Our Flipping Jigs are available in 3 sizes and 8 vivid colors.

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