Football Jig


Available in 8 colors and in 3 sizes, fit this with one of our EZ-Change Skirts to probe open waters with rocky bottoms, or to fish steep structure. Plus, our integrated trailer keeper makes this a must-add for your jig arsenal. Try a Warrior Baits Football Jig once, and you will be a fan forever.

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A staple for any serious angler’s tackle box, Warrior Baits Football Jigs offer great color selection when fitted with Warrior Baits EZ-Change Skirts. Ours conform to the traditional design with a solid, football-shaped head large enough to avoid snagging between rocks but round enough to deflect potential hangups. The jig weight also enables it to make a commotion underwater when the bottom is rocky. A great tool for open water and deep structure, these Football Jigs feature a trailer keeper to ensure that any type of trailer stays put — even after a big bite. Many of our products work great as a trailer, but we recommend pairing our Jig Trailers to accentuate the action of the jig, or if you decide to change your retrieve and swim the jig back to the boat. Our Football Jigs are offered in 3 sizes and 8 detailed color combinations.

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