Jig Trailer

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The best anglers are the most resourceful anglers, and our Jig Trailers are among our most creative and versatile baits. Available in 8 classic colors and two sizes (2.75” and 3.25”), Warrior Baits offers a Jig Trailer with a wide range of desired actions that adapt to whatever approach the angler is applying.

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One of the most unique aspects Bass Fishing is the constant adaptation — the angler’s ability to try new things when mixing and matching certain baits, techniques and color combos. Adding a trailer to any jig, spinnerbait, buzzbait or other types of baits is a great example. Some situations call for creativity when finding a lure to produce a desired action, while others are best-served by relying on the basics. To the surprise of many anglers, Warrior Baits Jig Trailers can do both. Our Jig Trailer mimics a craw on our Football Jigs and Flipping Jigs, but it is also highly effective for changing the pace and swimming your Football Jig. The chunk of our Jig Trailer resembles the head of a craw with two viable eyes, with thin claws that still maintain a large underwater profile. The thin claws allow a delicate dance with the current — very desirable when the bite is slow and you are taking a more finesse-like approach. Or, for more aggressive action, the thinner claws flap rapidly during a swim retrieve. Available in two sizes and 8 colors, these Jig Trailers are a must-try.

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