Moccasin Worm

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Available is two versatile sizes and 8 vibrant colors, there is almost no limit to the applications that this bait can utilize to fill your livewell. This style of worm is a must for any tackle box, and Warrior Bait’s color selection is unrivaled. Results don’t lie, so tie on one of our Sprayed Grass Moccasin Worms next time you fish vegetation and see for yourself how deadly these baits are.

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Our improved version of one of the most popular and widely used plastic worms in the Bass fishing community. This bait’s long body with raised ribs introduces vibrations upon retrieve and adds a natural texture in the fish’s mouth. The long ribbon-tail renders eye-catching action, high-volume water displacement, and vibration enhancement. These key features also create a very large underwater presence — easily identified by any fish lurking nearby. This bait can be used throughout all seasons. It is highly-versatile to many situations, but is most effective in medium to shallow waters on a Texas or Carolina Rig. Or, try sizing down by pinching off the back half of the 7” Moccasin Worm and use on a drop-shot rig. Available in 7” or 10” and offered in 8 proven colors, this bait is a necessity when other techniques are falling short.

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