Bag o’ Baits


Can’t decide which bait to get? Try more than one with our Bag o’ Baits! (Click “Offers” on our Facebook page for a coupon to make this item FREE! Just pay shipping and handling.) This bag includes a 10-pack of our 3″ Warrior Craw (Watermelon Red) and a 5-pack of our 5″ Warrior Buzz Frawg (Bullfrog).


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Buzz Frawg: Several advantages distinguish this from competing soft-plastic frogs. Advantage Number One? Our frog rights itself underwater when it lands upside down! Make your cast, allow the bait a couple of seconds and the natural buoyancy of the bait will flip it right side up. Additional design perks: A super-sleek profile, two “swimming” legs that never tangle, and a nose keeled upwards to stay above water and vegetation. Additionally, the back has a recessed hook-slot to hide your point, and a slight hump to extend its weedless streamline. This bait has proven effective on topwater and when swimming underwater, so pair this with our Loc-Down Hooks (weighted for swimming, weightless for hopping) and you’ve got a deadly combination when probing heavy vegetation.

Warrior Craw: Our most versatile, popular and effective bait! And no wonder: Our unique design features a super-soft plastic with ribs along the body, creating an exceptionally-natural feel once it finds its way into the mouth of a Bass — providing those extra crucial seconds for hookset. Two claws produce a unique alternating action for a series of vibrations and visual allure – truly a double whammy effect. Texas-Rig it, add as a trailer to a Football or Flipping Jig, or use it to punch through heavy cover. Our Pro-Staff anglers report great results using a Warrior Craw as a Swimming Jig trailer. And, these are drenched in our Swamp Juice to add that extra bit of camouflage.