Quiver Bug


Another Warrior Baits original with outstanding “quiver” action, this is a contender for Most Versatile Bait. Available in a dozen colors and two sizes, the Quiver Bug is a must-have for any angler — no matter the preferred technique. The Quiver Bug has proven time and again that it can catch fish in virtually any situation.

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A favorite choice among ALL of our Pro-Staff for flipping and pitching. The Quiver Bug is Warrior Baits’ version of the Beaver-style soft plastic used to mimic a craw. Once you witness the “quivering” action of the legs you’ll understand why this bug catches so many fish. Most of the action isn’t initiated by the angler – it’s generated by the faintest of currents in the water. A ribbed body with a sunken center line offers the fish a natural feel while providing the angler with a great guide for recessing the hook. This is a “beefy” bait due to its thickness, but it’s still soft enough to trick a hungry or curious Bass. The unique underwater profile is also more easily identified by any nearby bass. Choose from the 3.75” or 4.25” versions in 12 colors that are pro- and customer-approved.

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Dimensions 7 × 6 × 0.5 in