Ring Worms

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Warrior Baits Ring Worms are available in 7 proven colors and come in packs of 12. A go-to bait for many of the great anglers when there’s a lot of pressure on the fish. This bait is a must-have for turning an empty livewell into a teaming livewell. Ribbed, covered in Swamp Juice, and available in numerous vibrant color combinations, Warrior Baits Ring Worms can be the game-winner after a long day on the lake.

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These have proven themselves time and again for many years. Part of our finesse lineup, our Ring Worms are great for pressured fishing situations, with a Texas Rig and Shaky Head, and also as a devastating Drop-Shot bait. The small tail produces a subtle yet noticeable action, while the ribbed body serves dual purpose for creating water vibration and a natural prey effect for the biting Bass. These 4” worms come in 7 colors, all covered in our Swamp Juice to seal the deal.

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