Ruffle Shad

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The Ruffle Shad is a 4″ swimbait unlike any other on the market. These Ruffle Shad are available in 6 popular color selections and they come in packs of 10. The unique design of this swimbait incorporates a slender body with a high frequency of very deep ribs that serve multiple purposes. The ribs provide a very lifelike texture while maintaining the underwater profile of the bait, and they also allow the bait to create subtle vibrations in the water when being retrieved to catch the attention of any Bass lurking nearby. The deep nature of these ribs also allow the angler to pinch off a portion of the bait anywhere along the body which allows the angler to size the bait down when desired. The many attributes of this unique swimbait make it an extremely versatile option that can be utilized in a variety of different scenarios. On top of being a new and unique option for your tackle box, these baits also make very effective trailers that can be paired with dozens of other baits, so be sure to stock up on our new Ruffle Shad today!

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The Ruffle Shad is a swimbait unlike any other on the market.  This truly versatile bait comes in packs of 10 and provides 6 popular color selections.  No other swimbait is ribbed quite like the Ruffle Shad, and these deep ribs provide a number of distinct advantages and gives the angler the ability to size the bait down on the fly.  The Ruffle Shad is a great option for a swimbait or as a trailer to be paired with a variety of other baits.