Swimming Jig


Our Swimming Jigs utilize another unique design proven to catch fish. With an eyehole on the nose of the bait and a weed guard, it possesses an unrivaled ability to avoid getting hung up. The flat belly ensures that it remains at the right depth and the built in trailer keeper allows the angler to choose from endless trailer options. The natural look and unique design element make this particular bait very popular among many satisfied customers. Available in 3 sizes and 6 natural-looking colors designed to mimic a wide variety of baitfish.

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Our Swimming Jigs feature yet another game-changing design. This bait’s eye-hole is positioned at the nose instead of the top of the head. This design change, along with the weed guard, improves cover navigation, allowing the bait to slip through cleanly. The bottom of the lead casting is flatter than most Swimming Jigs, allowing it to glide better underwater and stay at the right depth more dependably. As with our Warpath Buzzbait, the flat bottom of our Swimming Jigs prevents this product from sinking as quickly as other. They are in areas with heavy cover and vegetation. Our Swimming Jigs feature a trailer keeper so you can add more action to this bait when needed. Many pros note that using a Warrior Craw as a trailer produces a very favorable action as the claws tend to kick and add water vibration. Our palette of 6 natural colors allows you to match the forage of local baitfish. Available in 3 sizes, our Swimming Jigs give you an edge that our competitors simply can’t match.

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