Teaser Tube


Warrior Baits offers one of the best selections of tube-style baits in the industry, with 27 colors in the 4” Teaser Tube, and 11 colors for the 3.5” Finesse Tubes. Hollowed out, salted up, and covered in Swamp Juice, these bait are both versatile and effective. Pair either with a Tomahawk Tube Jighead and brace yourself for mega-action.

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Our Teaser Tubes are hollow with finely-frayed tails for a very natural, eye-catching action. Salted and dripping in Swamp Juice, this tube ensures that once a bass hits, they will not be let go. Designed to mimic a swimming baitfish or a craw, the versatility is second to none. Try on a Texas or Carolina Rig, flip into cover, or use one of our Tomahawk Tube Jigheads (in a variety of weights and choice of two hook-eye angle). A 60-degree hook-eye angle will produce more of a ‘swimming’ action, while our 90-degree hook-eye angle provides more of a dancing or darting action. Keep a Teaser Tube handy just in case you need to switch things up, and definitely keep one around if you are fishing waters with rocky bottoms.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 0.5 in