Umbrella Rig

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Warrior Bait’s Umbrella Rig is designed to give you an edge over competing products which only offer 4 arms or less. Ours gives the angler 5 arms for applying favorite soft-plastic baitfish lures. One arm protrudes straight out the back of this large presentation to act as a trailer. Four willow-leaf blades in the middle body of the rig add extra flash, noise and water vibration – this is a feature not found in other Umbrellas.

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For decades, anglers tried to mimic their lake’s forage of baitfish with different lures, techniques and approaches. Finally, the Umbrella Rig (or Alabama Rig) addresses that challenge by emulating schooling bait fish. The Warrior Baits version uses 5 wires that diverge from a single lead-casted jig head — four splay outwards to maximize the area covered by this rig, and the fifth wire extends out the back for a trailing bait. The swiveled ends accept soft-plastic shad-type baits tied on to one of our weightless Loc-Down Hooks. Our unique design also provides 4 willow-leaf style blades on the inner-portion for extra flash, noise and vibration under the water. The large profile of the rig also adds to the advantages. One of the most deadly tools for fishing around docks, lay-downs, structure, and vegetation, our Umbrella Rig is a must for any tackle box.

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Weight .12 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 1 in