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Very few soft-plastic baits come close to being as easily-adaptive as our Warhog. This 4” powerhouse is available in 8 of our dynamic colors – each drowned in our Swamp Juice to ensure that extra layer of irresistability. Throw this bait one time and it will quickly become your favorite “creature bait” in your box.

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For versatility, this is a mandatory item for any roaming angler’s tackle box. This soft-plastic creature bait closely resembles a lizard or salamander, but affords open interpretation to any fish seeking to swallow it whole. This bait is widely-popular due to its versatility and adaptability. Fish in waters as shallow as 2 feet, or switch up your presentation and go as deep as you like. Hook it up with Texas or Carolina Rig, or fish weightless, or pair this bait with a Jighead. If you really want to get creative, pinch this bait in half and use the back end as a jig trailer. The double-ribbon tail produces superior action while rudder-like appendages increases the bait’s profile and enhances water displacement. In other words, if the dual ribbon-tails don’t grab the nearest fish’s attention, the large profile and displacement will seal the deal. The Warhog has a lot to offer, in 8 of our top-choice colors. And of course, this bait comes dripping in our Garlic Swamp.

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