Warpath Buzzbait


This is the perfect buzzbait and the last one you’ll ever need or want. Our Warpath Buzzbait features a one-of-a-kind hydroplaning blade that allows for faster surfacing and slower retrieval capabilities, ranking this buzzbait as one of the most weedless option anywhere. And, our clacker creates commotion that’ll grab any fish’s attention, while our perforated buzz-blades generate a trail of bubbles. Hands down, the best buzzbait on the market!

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Buzzbait strikes are one of the most exciting things in the bass fishing world … hands down. When we designed the Warpath Buzzbait we wanted to provide the ability to do things with a buzzbait never done before nor replicated by our competitors. After a few years of trial and error, we perfected it! We are 100% confident that this is absolutely the best buzzbait anywhere. Our claim to fame? A unique design featuring a willow-leaf blade fused to the lead-casted head. This creates a hydroplaning effect during retrieve for a bait that virtually skis on the top of the water. The distinct advantage over other buzzbaits on the market is the rapid surfacing of the bait, which allows more time in the ‘strike zone’ on the water’s surface. The hydroplaning effect also allows the angler to retrieve this bait at a much a slower pace than any other. You can retrieve as fast as you can reel — as with every other buzzbait – but the Warpath is the ONLY buzzbait that allows a super-slow retrieve. You will be surprised how quickly a split-second slower retrieve can fill your livewell when conditions are right. The final advantage is the bait’s superior ability to be retrieved over the top of cover or matted — it is as close to the perfect weedless buzzbait as you will ever find. Not sold yet? Try a slow-roll with this buzzbait!

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Dimensions 8.5 × 3.5 × 1 in