Warrior Craw


The original Warrior Craw design, a best-seller and Pro Staff favorite! Warrior Craw is highly-effective rigged alone or as a trailer. Great for heavy cover. Accurately mimics craw movement and vibration, as well as presenting itself as a lifelike silhouette. This will become your Go-To bait during those times when the fishing’s tough and success is on the line. A dozen colors in two sizes, 3” and 4”.

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Our most versatile, popular and effective bait! And no wonder: Our unique design features a super-soft plastic with ribs along the body, creating an exceptionally-natural feel once it finds its way into the mouth of a Bass — providing those extra crucial seconds for hookset. Two claws produce a unique alternating action for a series of vibrations and visual allure – truly a double whammy effect. Texas-Rig it, add as a trailer to a Football or Flipping Jig, or use it to punch through heavy cover. Our Pro-Staff anglers report great results using a Warrior Craw as a Swimming Jig trailer. And, these are drenched in our Swamp Juice to add that extra bit of camouflage. Versatility abounds in a dozen colors across two sizes: the 3-inch Craw and the 4-inch Craw.

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Weight 2.6 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 0.5 in