Points to ponder:

1) Lily pads are a favorite hidey-hole for bass. Of course, they’re not the only ones who like the protective canopy – their amphibious constituents are there as well. So, grab a Warrior Baits Buzz Frawg and Mister Bass won’t know it from the real McCoy.

2) The weedline, or edges, is a great place to scope out. Crankbaits and spinnerbaits are exceptional for those marauding bass.

3) Watch for edges of the edge (the end) since this usually signals a change in the bottom terrain. Bass love to hang out here and wait to snare their prey (and maybe they’ll snag your bait instead).

4) When in a thicket of weeds, reach for a jig to drill down through the thick mat.

5) Even after bass move to deeper water during the Dog Days of Summer, they’ll come back inside grass edges in search of baitfish that have remained in those areas. The Warpath Buzzbait is the go-to for this summer scenario.

6) Bass love “weed islands” – masses of grassy collections and floaters that provide sporadic cover. Look for them, and exploit them.

7) Use floating worms and swimming jigs as surface baits, but allow them to seek out breaks in the grass cover, dropping them down wherever possible to find that lurking bass.

Just remember the Angler’s Mantra: Where grass abounds, so doth opportunity.