Video Demos

I Love Flipping the Quiver Bug!

By Bailey Boutries

Fishing Cover with the Warrior Baits Quiver Bug

Dan Rice landing largemouth in isolated reed stumps at Downs Lake using the Warrior Baits Quiver Bug.

Warrior Baits E-Z Change Skirts

Superior, dense, 50-strand skirts with a one-of-a-kind insert for quickly adding a skirt onto a jig, spinnerbait, buzzbait or chatterbait. Choose from 45 colors!

Warrior Baits Warpath Buzzbait

This buzzbaits head design allows it to surface faster and roll slower than any other. The holes in the blade leave an outstanding bubble trail while the clacker on this buzzbait emits a unique sound that no fish can turn down!

Warrior Baits Jigs, Worms, Trailers and Shaky Heads

Overview of Warrior Baits products, including tips and recommendations for using our jigs, worms, trailers and shaky heads

Warrior Baits Quiver Bug

Tough sleek design allows you to get through cover where no angler has gone before. Throw this bait on any sized weight or jig and get more fish in the boat!